Visa will hire employees in the cryptocurrency department

One of the largest payment companies in the world, Visa has opened a vacancy of a technical product manager who will work in the cryptocurrency department of Visa Crypto.

 The new employee will be responsible for the implementation of the strategic development of Visa in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He will manage the product roadmap and be responsible for working with key company partners. It will be necessary to monitor the emergence of innovative technologies, especially open source projects.

 The specialist will work at the company’s central office in Palo Alto, California, in close contact with the Visa research team to develop new cryptocurrency products. In addition, a new employee needs good problem-solving skills and a creative approach in order to anticipate the impact of cryptocurrencies on the payments area.

 Visa declares that it employs talented employees who are constantly engaged in creating a convenient and secure system for working with cryptocurrencies all over the world.

 Already in the autumn of 2018, the Executive Director of Visa, Al Kelly, stated that his company is considering the possibility of working with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, if they are universally recognized as a real payment instrument.