The number of cryptocurrency owners in Europe and the USA will grow by more than 2 times

Despite the fall in prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the interest in virtual coins in Europe and the USA will more than double in the next few years. This is indicated by the results of a study commissioned by the international bank ING in a number of countries in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Research from March 26 to April 6, 2018 was conducted by the company Ipsos, specializing in the study of market trends. The company has 1000 residents of Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Britain, the USA and Australia.

At the time of the survey, only 9% of Europeans owned cryptocurrencies. But in the future, 25% of respondents would like to purchase some kind of cryptocurrency. In the US, the numbers were slightly lower: 8% of those surveyed had already bought virtual coins, and another 21% wanted to acquire them in the future. So in Europe and the United States the number of cryptocurrency owners in the coming years can grow by almost more than 2 times.

Turkey showed record numbers: about 18% of the polled Turks already own some of the cryptocurrencies, and another 45% would like to buy it.

The decision of Europeans to invest in cryptocurrencies is more influenced by advice from financial advisers and specialized sites than friends or family. About 27% of respondents admitted that they would prefer to study available information on the Internet before purchasing. Another 21% of Europeans will consult with a financial adviser, and only 8% will ask the opinion of family or friends. These results explain the novelty of the cryptocurrency industry.

“It seems that people consider cryptocurrency as a difficult or incomprehensible topic, and therefore requiring expert advice. If the cryptocurrency trend becomes truly massive, it is possible that this topic will be treated differently, ”the authors note.

The level of awareness also varies depending on the region: in Europe, 66% of respondents at least heard something about cryptocurrency, whereas in Australia this figure reached 70%, while in the US it was only 57%. The residents of Austria were familiar with the cryptocurrency sphere best of all – 79%. Residents of Belgium showed the lowest result – 38%.

The researchers also found a relationship between the use of mobile banking and knowledge of cryptocurrency. Among those who use the services of a bank smartphone, 69% knew something about cryptocurrencies. Among those who prefer more traditional banking services, only 59% knew about cryptocurrency.

Curiously, the researches did not reveal a significant relationship between the age of the respondents and knowledge of cryptocurrencies. People aged 25 to 44 years showed the highest level of awareness – 69%. But the second place, to everyone’s surprise, was taken by the age group of 65+ years: among them awareness reaches 60%.

On average, men are more interested in cryptocurrency than women. 77% of men surveyed know something about blockchain technology, while among women this percentage reaches 55%.

In Ukraine, there was only one similar study. Among the thousands of Internet users surveyed, 13% bought cryptocurrency. If you extrapolate these data to the entire population, up to 2 million Ukrainians can own virtual coins.