The famous cryptocurrency millionaire Brock Pierce wants to resume the work of the Mt.Gox Bitcoin Exchange

Block Pearce, a prominent figure in the crypto industry and a millionaire, said he was considering the possibility of reviving the problematic trading platform Mt.Gox.

The specialist is going to invest in the old brand in order to start active trade and to make a worthy competition to the current leaders – Binance and Coinbase. According to current data, Mt.Gox has a certain reserve in the amount of $ 630 million, as well as 150 thousand coins of the PTS. To cover the shame that hung over the exchange, Pierce intends to solve problems in a legal manner and pay compensation to all the victims.

Analysts and simple enthusiasts called Pierce’s actions useless, but there is definitely a sense in the revival of the exchange.

Blok says that he attempted to acquire the said stock exchange as early as 2013, but failed. Even then, he felt that the platform was quite shaky and unreliable.

“I thought that in the Mt.Gox backend there are big risks hidden. I am glad that intuition did not disappoint “
According to current data, the future owner intends to return more than $ 1.2 billion to affected customers, as well as to contribute $ 700 million of his own funds.

With the successful implementation of all plans, Pierce promises to create a GoxCoin, which will allow buyers to have the right for tokens.

At the moment, the millionaire is fighting for the right to purchase a web resource and the direct brand of the former stock exchange.