Bitcoin felt the bottom and began to recover

Recently, interest in cryptocurrencies began to grow again and rose to April values, according to Google Trends, but now most people are wondering whether the bubble has burst, whether the current situation will lead to digital money depreciation and their surrender – the market is not the most positive . However, Bitcoin has repeatedly dropped sharply in price, and if you compare its schedule for 2018 with the figures for 2014, you can see that the industry is now in a similar situation as it was four years ago.

The situation with Bitcoin was commented by Omkar Godboul – analysts of CoinDesk. The expert believes that Bitcoin recovery became possible due to “exhausted” traders, when Bitcoin reached the mark of $ 3,500. Now Bitcoin began its growth, and it can meet resistance when it reaches the mark of 4400 dollars.…


Over the past 2 weeks about 700,000 bitcoin miners have been disabled

The representative of the mining pool F2Pool reported that in the period from November 14, when the cost of Bitcoin began its decline from $ 6300, the number of mining installations connected to the network decreased by about 700,000 units. According to him, the extraction of digital gold using old devices at the current price has ceased to be relevant.

Against this background, the F2Pool hash rate of the pool decreased by 10 percent, and its share in supporting the operation of the BTC network is 12 percent.

The current decrease in the hashrate is associated not only with a decrease in the price of Bitcoin, but also with the onset of winter. Given that most of the miners are in China, and the cost of electricity there has increased by about 50%, the extraction of digital gold has become even more unprofitable.

Earlier, analysts reported that the extraction of Bitcoin will cease to be cost-effective, after a decline to the level of $ 6,000.…


Bitcoin fall is short-term – expert

The fall of Bitcoin is due to several reasons and is of a short-term nature.
This was told by the analyst and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee in the next conversation with CNB, reports Sotsport with a link

He expressed the opinion that the collapse of the markets is a global trend, and the continuing rapid fall in the price of bitcoin is only of short-term nature.

– Now the world markets are very weak. Panic and emotions play a huge role on them, Li shares his thoughts. – Does this mean that bitcoin is down? Not. Yuzkeys still exists. However, in the short term, panic is panic.

Also during the conversation, the analyst mentioned the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which studies the activities of many projects related to digital tokens. This, he said, also puts significant pressure on the market, creating negative sentiment.

Many experts are convinced that in addition to legal uncertainty and stricter regulation, the recent hardfork Bitcoin Cash had a negative impact on the market, which caused the emergence of two competing chains.

“The hash war between Bitcoin ABC and SV …


CRYPTO-APOCALYPSE CONTINUES: collapse of the cryptocurrency market

More than $ 20 billion was withdrawn from the crypto industry in the last 24 hours. The digital asset market has set off into a free fall, and with each new hour it continues to set new minimum records for the current year.

Yesterday’s market collapse continues to continuously lower cryptocurrency prices below the minimum annual support levels. The total market capitalization of digital currencies has returned to the values ​​of August 2017, depriving crypto-enthusiasts of the hope of restoring coin rates by the end of this year.

The cost of bitcoin fell by more than 14% in the last 24 hours, setting a new minimum of around $ 4,485 for the first time since October 2017. The only difference in the current situation with the one that was in October last year is that at the moment the market is dominated by bears, not bulls.

Ethereum is dying a slow death, and the SEC’s decision on the illegitimacy of the two ICOs, which classified utility projects tokens as securities, aggravated the state of panic. The rate of ETH declined by 20%, dropping below $ 150 – the lowest level …



Bitcoin rate dropped below $ 5 thousand for the first time since October 2017, the day the cryptocurrency collapsed more than 10%.

In the course of trading on the Kraken Stock Exchange, Bitcoin fell to $ 4,970. By 7:47, according to Coindesk, the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 5,119.57, which is 8.1% lower than the previous day.

On the Bitfinex exchange, Bitcoin showed a drop of more than 6%.

The last time bitcoin was trading at around $ 5.3 thousand on October 25, 2017.

At the same time, other popular cryptocurrencies are becoming even cheaper.

According to Bloomberg, the bitcoin rate was $ 4,958.…


The number of cryptocurrency owners in Europe and the USA will grow by more than 2 times

Despite the fall in prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the interest in virtual coins in Europe and the USA will more than double in the next few years. This is indicated by the results of a study commissioned by the international bank ING in a number of countries in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Research from March 26 to April 6, 2018 was conducted by the company Ipsos, specializing in the study of market trends. The company has 1000 residents of Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Britain, the USA and Australia.

At the time of the survey, only 9% of Europeans owned cryptocurrencies. But in the future, 25% of respondents would like to purchase some kind of cryptocurrency. In the US, the numbers were slightly lower: 8% of those surveyed had already bought virtual coins, and another 21% wanted to acquire them in the future. So in Europe and the United States the number of cryptocurrency owners in the coming years can grow by almost more than 2 times.

Turkey showed record numbers: about 18% of the polled Turks …


The number of transactions in the Bitcoin network reached a maximum in the last 10 months

It is today, November 12, that the number of transactions in the last 24 hours on the Bitcoin network exceeded 300 thousand. According to the portal, the last time such a number of confirmed transactions per day could be observed at the end of January 2018.

It is worth noting that the maximum number of daily transactions of the Bitcoin network reached in December last year and amounted to more than 490,000. The minimum was in April of the current year at 135,129. Heshreit showed an increase at that time.


At the moment, the price of Bitcoin, according to the CoinMarketCap portal, is at the level of 6300 – 6400 US dollars.…


EOS launched the first stableblock CarbonUSD on the EOS blockchain

For the first time, a stablebcoin linked to the US dollar was launched on the EOS blockchain platform. The new digital asset CarbonUSD (CUSD) was launched by Carbon-12 Labs, a start-up press service said in a statement.

Initially, the company led by CEO Samuel Trautwein launched CarbonUSD (CUSD) on the blockbuster Ethereum on September 12, 2018. The new digital asset is equivalent to one US dollar, which allows maintaining the liquidity of this token at a stable level.

Funds used to secure a digital asset are stored in FDIC accounts.

“We offer the best consumer product today. The transition to the new blockchain will be gradual and transparent, since we will leave the entire infrastructure in place so that customers can use the digital asset capabilities supported by fiat money, ”the company’s general director emphasized.

On November 9, Carbon-12 announced that the company’s stablebcoin is already available on the EOS blockchain. Thus, users of Ethereum networks can transfer their tokens to the EOS blockchain, where it is possible to make transactions much faster and cheaper.

In the future, EOS will become the only platform for CarbonUSD (CUSD), because the ecosystem …