Chinese analysts: about the prospects of Bitcoin in 2019

Almost all crypto-specialists from China are confident that the crisis in the industry will last in 2019.

For example, the local newspaper Beijing called last year the most unfavorable for the PTS. An increase in prices in 2019 is unlikely, as the pressure on many assets is only increasing. Analysts predict a difficult position in the market for the next 365 days.

At the moment, the PTS coins are selling slightly higher than for $ 4,000. Total capitalization does not exceed $ 70.9 billion

“The price of Bitcoin in 2017 increased more than 20 times. However, this jump certainly reflects market volatility. ”
There is an opposite opinion. Proponents claim that the price increase was ensured only by the arrival of new players on the market. As soon as their number significantly decreased, the cost of digital coins dropped sharply.