BTC hashrate is recovering, encouraging

The other day there was a sharp jump in the BTC hashrate, which reached 52,000,000 TH / s. This is evidenced by the information At the moment, the computational power in the Bitcoin network coincides with the November maximums. This indicates a high activity of miners who support the system.

Note that the larger the hashrate, the less likely the attack will be 51% on the Bitcoin blockchain. The fact that the computing power is growing shows that people are connected to the BTC production. The main motivation is that the complexity of mining does not change for quite a long time. It is likely that with the growth of the hashrate, the complexity of production will soon increase.

Professionals believe that increasing the hashrate may indicate a transition from a “bearish” trend to a “bullish” trend. People invest and power in mining, which means they believe in the future of Bitcoin.

Casa Technical Director Jameson Lopp noted:

“Heshreit goes for value. This is probably because the hashrate helps to monitor market values ​​and even more so – to understand what the speculative price will be. ”