The price of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) fell to a new 15-month low, reports MarketWatch. So, Bitcoin on Thursday, December 14, fell in price to 3.23 thousand dollars, decreasing by 6.1% from Wednesday – the lowest level since September 15, 2017. And for the year Bitcoin lost 80% of the cost. At the same time, the total market capitalization has decreased almost fivefold – from $ 505 billion to $ 104 billion.

“The price of Bitcoin continues to fluctuate in the range of 3 thousand dollars. The public has largely written off cryptocurrency as a fad, and new money is not received. Lack of demand will continue to be a big problem,” said analyst Yani Ziedins.

Opinions have already emerged that the fall in cryptocurrency will end only when Bitcoin depreciates. So, for example, considers the main analyst of Saxo Bank, Steen Jacobsen. He claims that the coin does not carry any real value, now it has lost popularity, and mining has ceased to be profitable.