Bitcoin rate crashed again

Bitcoin rate crashed below $ 3400 for the first time since the end of January.

Today, February 6, the bitcoin rate dropped below $ 3,400 for the first time since the end of January, Interfax reports. So, the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 3,391.33, which is 1.7% lower than the previous day, according to CoinDesk. In this case, during the course of trading, the fall in the rate reached $ 3,355.1. “Bitcoin continues to nap near the lows, – said Yani Ziedins from the blog Cracked Market. – Buyers who want to buy in the fall, these prices are not impressive. But it’s more likely that there are simply no such buyers left. ” In his opinion, everyone who wanted to buy bitcoins has already done it. There are no buyers left, “this is why this cryptocurrency is so lifeless,” the expert quotes MarketWatch. “Without the arrival of new money, we can expect further depreciation,” he predicts.

Other cryptocurrency rates are also dropping on Wednesday, including Ether falling 4.5%, Litecoin 4.9%.

In general, the cryptocurrency market capitalization from the peak of the current year fell by more than $ 25 billion – to $ 111.4 billion from $ 138 billion. Quotes of February contracts for bitcoin during electronic trading on the CBOE on Wednesday are down 1.8%, futures for February for CME – 1.8%.