Is the fall going on?

The relative stabilization recorded after the new year continued with another fall in the cryptocurrency market on the night of January 10-11. The reason for the occurrence of intensive sales, provoked a decline in the price of Bitcoin to $ 3,700.

Analysts estimate is difficult to discern encouraging trends. Experts are inclined to believe that Bitcoin quotes may drop to a critical level of $ 3,000 if the price does not undergo a correlation upwards to $ 3,800–3,850 by the end of the day. Leading alctones, with the exception of Tether, are in the red zone.

Over the past 48 hours, market capitalization has fallen by $ 16 billion.…


Chinese analysts: about the prospects of Bitcoin in 2019

Almost all crypto-specialists from China are confident that the crisis in the industry will last in 2019.

For example, the local newspaper Beijing called last year the most unfavorable for the PTS. An increase in prices in 2019 is unlikely, as the pressure on many assets is only increasing. Analysts predict a difficult position in the market for the next 365 days.

At the moment, the PTS coins are selling slightly higher than for $ 4,000. Total capitalization does not exceed $ 70.9 billion

“The price of Bitcoin in 2017 increased more than 20 times. However, this jump certainly reflects market volatility. ”
There is an opposite opinion. Proponents claim that the price increase was ensured only by the arrival of new players on the market. As soon as their number significantly decreased, the cost of digital coins dropped sharply.…


When will Bitcoin start growing?

The rate of Bitcoin on December 23, 2018 floats near the mark of 4000 dollars, on the crypto-market calm.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market increased to $ 127.626 billion (+1 billion per day). Bitcoin capitalization rose to 67.870 billion dollars a day.

The general mood of cryptoinvestors remains positive. It is expected that in January, trade in the cryptocurrency market will be revived, as the issue of bitcoin futures will be resolved.

As analysts predict, in the event that Bitcoin futures are allowed to run on the Bakkt exchange, the American CFTC regulator will enable the crypto community to participate in the creation of new rules. It was the postponement of the decision on Bitcoin futures that served as the starting point for the fall of Bitcoin. So when the launch finally happens, it will be the start of development on the crypto market. Experts believe that the launch of Bitcoin-ETF will cause a rise in the cost of Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2019.

Altcoins from the top ten are mainly in the green zone, the course of cryptocurrency went up. The Ripple rate per day …


Mike Novograz: bearish trend will end soon

A businessman and the creator of Galaxy Digital, a familiar digital asset advocate Mike Novograz, in an interview with Bloomberg, said that the first cryptocurrency course almost coped with bears, and in the near future it will range between $ 3000 and $ 6000.

He also said that the global economy is also in decline, global trading is becoming more attractive than the cryptocurrency market.

“We are entering a new era of macro trading. Cryptocurrencies no longer seem so interesting. For many years, macro trading was quite boring, and cryptocurrency caused delight, ”he said.
He admitted that the crypto bubble had burst, which was proved by a huge correction. The entrepreneur noted that be that as it may, technologies are developing and businessmen are interested in this market segment.

It is this reason that influenced Mike’s opinion that a digital method for the preservation of material value will be created very soon, and it will most likely be BITCOIN.…



The price of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) fell to a new 15-month low, reports MarketWatch. So, Bitcoin on Thursday, December 14, fell in price to 3.23 thousand dollars, decreasing by 6.1% from Wednesday – the lowest level since September 15, 2017. And for the year Bitcoin lost 80% of the cost. At the same time, the total market capitalization has decreased almost fivefold – from $ 505 billion to $ 104 billion.

“The price of Bitcoin continues to fluctuate in the range of 3 thousand dollars. The public has largely written off cryptocurrency as a fad, and new money is not received. Lack of demand will continue to be a big problem,” said analyst Yani Ziedins.

Opinions have already emerged that the fall in cryptocurrency will end only when Bitcoin depreciates. So, for example, considers the main analyst of Saxo Bank, Steen Jacobsen. He claims that the coin does not carry any real value, now it has lost popularity, and mining has ceased to be profitable.…

Bitcoin share in the cryptocurrency market reached a new maximum

Bitcoin dominance index reached 55.4%. The previous maximum at 55.3% was reached in September of this year.

The fall of the cryptocurrency market forced cryptoinvestors to exchange altcoins for bitcoin. In this way, they are trying to reduce the possible risks associated with the loss of assets.

Although at the moment the index of Bitcoin dominance has slightly decreased again, in the near future we can expect strengthening of the positions of digital gold.…


Bitcoin set a 2018 anti-record

The most popular cryptocurrency delivered the anti-record of 2018: its rate dropped below $ 3.4 thousand. In 24 hours, the capitalization of this virtual currency decreased by about $ 4.8 billion, over the week the figure was more than $ 14 billion. According to Coindesk, the current trend may indicate that fiat money is withdrawn from cryptocurrency.

At the end of the day, the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies decreased by about $ 11.5 billion over the day and amounted to $ 110.6 billion, which is much less than $ 813 billion in January of the outgoing year.

Analysts believe that the current situation in the cryptocurrency market is not very healthy. According to them, if some positive driver does not appear in the near future, which can contribute to the growth of virtual money rates, the downward trend will continue in 2019.…


Bitcoin will move to a new peak

The head of the company Quoine Mike Kayamori (Mike Kayamori) believes that the price of Bitcoin to recover to the maximum, or exceed it by the end of 2019.

In an interview with Bloomberg, he noted that although it is difficult to say how long it will take Bitcoin to get to the new price peak, he will definitely “climb” on it. Noting that, in his opinion, the price bottom is already close, Mike said that there would be no market growth until the end of the year. But after the new year, many catalysts can affect a significant increase in the price of Bitcoin.

“Japanese financial regulators intend to approve the work of new exchanges and new listings. All this will start after the new year, ”Kayamori explained, linking the legal settlement in the field of cryptocurrency with the influx of institutional investors.

“The global trend is to attract“ high-frequency traders ”… These are the dealers brokers who will offer cryptocurrency to retail customers. There are also OTC brokers who will provide services to institutional investors, ”said the head of Quoine.

“Japanese financial regulators intend to approve the work …