More than 23 million people will be able to buy bitcoyne in 2019 through Overstock

The American online retailer Overstock, which is a major retailer accepting Bitcoin as payment, creates its own site for the purchase of BTC. The new platform will be called Bitsy and will begin operating in 2019. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne is not at all worried about the current situation in the crypto currency market, and is ready to attract the base of his clients to this sphere.

The largest companies are looking towards digital currencies

Following such giants as Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust and many other companies, Overstock also continued its move toward cryptography. Initially, the online retailer began accepting crypto-currencies as a payment instrument through the Coinbase exchange. And now, after Yahoo Finance has allowed its customers from the US to buy and sell crypto-currencies, Overstock also set foot on this road.

According to the information received by the editorial staff, Bitsy is a project of Medici Ventures, which is a subsidiary of Overstock, aimed at developing projects related to blockage. According to Byrne, the beta version of Bitsy has already been launched and it’s up to the little thing:



OKCoin Crypto Exchange Is Now Available In 20 More US States

OKCoin crypto exchange will provide services to traders in 21 US states from now on, the platform’s blog reports.

OKCoin managed to get regulatory approval in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.

Exchange specialists plan to further expand the service geography and have already sent licensing applications to other states’ regulators. At the moment, operations with digital assets paired with fiat funds are available only within the state of California.

The OKCoin team have been diligently working to overcome the complexities of the US regulatory framework for to create the digital assets global market, said platform’s general director Tim Buyn. In his opinion, crypto exchanges are obliged to work with existing and new regulators in order to fully realize the crypto market potential.

Specialists noted that now American institutional investors and private traders are able to trade digital assets with zero commission fees for makers and a commission of 0.5% for takers.…


Huobi To Acquire Controlling Stake In BitTrade Crypto Exchange

Huobi Global, one of the world`s largest cryptocurrency companies, is going to acquire a majority stake in the BitTrade exchange which was approved by the Japanese regulators, their joint press release reports.

The parties haven’t disclosed the deal details, but it is known that partners hope to improve the professionalism of employees, develop the quality of services and expand the companies influence boundaries after the merger.

BitTrade is one of the 16 trading platforms that were licensed by the Japanese regulator. It was bought by Singaporean millionaire Eric Chen on May 30, 2018 on the deal worth $50 million. The businessman believes that a new partnership with Huobi, the trading volume of which has exceeded $1 trillion since it was founded in 2013, will become an important step in the company development and will allow to take the leading positions in the Japanese and global markets. He noted that among the advantages of Huobi there are strong team of managers and advanced protection systems.

Chen is known as a major real estate investor who has established business relationships in Malaysia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and Cambodia.

Chris Lee, …


Iceland officially registered the first crypto exchange

The financial supervisory authority in Iceland registered the first crypto exchange. Despite the fact that this is a small island state, it is an important part of the crypto industry. The country has a growing number of miners, since virtually all electricity in the country is produced by renewable energy sources. This suggests that its cost is lower than in other states. In addition, the cold climate contributes to lower costs for the extraction of digital currencies.

Skiptimynt is the first stock exchange registered in Iceland.

Recently, the financial regulator of Iceland (FME) announced that the first crypto exchange had successfully passed the registration procedure. This is Skiptimynt playground. While the trading pairs there are few: ISK / AUR, as well as BTC / ISK. Let’s remind, the Icelandic krona is the national currency of the country, and Auroracoin (AUR) is a local alternative to bitcoins.

At present, all crypto-active companies must undergo the registration procedure for work in Iceland. The government’s demand is related to the measures taken to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering.…


Korean Company To Offer Crypto Exchanges Insurance Against Hacking

Hanwha Insurance, a South Korean company, will offer crypto exchanges insurance services against the funds’ theft by intruders, The News Asia reports referring to the Asia Times.

The insurance rate will be calculated based on the degree of risks determined by the insurance company along with the representatives of crypto exchanges. Currently, such services cover only the payment of amounts for the theft of personal data, keys, and passwords.

Late in August, the Korean Blockchain Association (KBA) signed an agreement with Hanwha on the launch of a new type of insurance for exchanges. Besides, they discussed the development of a new product.

Currently, there are no regulations in South Korea requiring crypto platforms to be insured against hacking. Only some of them acquire insurance for the theft of personal data. All market participants understand that such a service will be expensive, and not everyone will do that if the amount of compensation is insufficient.

Hanwha Insurance will begin consulting with some exchanges in October. In this matter, great joint efforts and coordination of actions of all interested persons are needed. Insurance is not obligatory, but it must exist on the …

Bitcoin KIT

The bitcoin kit has set in motion assets related to Silk Road. It’s about $ 800,000,000

The other day the unknown bitcoin-kit transferred over 111,000 bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash to more than 80 wallets, each of which received 1000 BTC each. In 2014, these funds were scattered over numerous addresses of 100 BTC.

This step, first noticed by users of social networks, includes assets that were originally obtained from a well-known address in the ecosystem of crypto-currencies – 1933phfhK3ZgFQNLGSDXvqCn32k2buXY8a. The Blockchain data show that the first transaction originated from the purse associated with the Silk Road operator, known as the “Dread Pirate Roberts” (DPR).

Initially, the address was received on July 2, 2011. One of the first transactions refers to another well-known address, supposedly owned by Ross Ulbricht. The address leaked to the Bitcointalk forum in a message where Ulbricht himself, under the pseudonym “altoid”, sought the help of the community.

This could mean that the address really belongs to Ross Ulbricht himself, but the transaction dates do not add up to the puzzle. Ulbricht was arrested on October 2, 2013 for allegedly managing the Dread Pirate Roberts account, which was directly linked to the now defunct Darkket-Marketplace Silk Road.

The bitcoin purse in question (let’s …

Bitcoin Lightning Network

Bitcoin network tests new technologies

Submarine Swaps will allow transactions between the Bitcoin network and the LN (Lightning Network) network.

To make it clearer, it is necessary to clarify that before this transaction between the networks Lightning Network and Bitcoin were impossible. In order to take advantage of LN (that is, cheapness and speed of transactions) – it was necessary to put funds separately on the Lightning channel. It seems to be one block, but transactions between them were impossible until now. So far, accordingly, this technology has not appeared. If everything goes as it should, and you still implement it, then you can count on significant progress bitcoin. It will become more universal. Not sharing users on users LN and customers of the original network.

As an intermediary, which provides cryptographic security, a trusted provider will act, which will complete the transactions. In essence, the middleman will be a kind of ferryman between the main network and the LN network. The funds will go to him first, and he will automatically transfer them to another network.

It will be convenient from the point of view that if someone needs to transfer funds to LN-purse, …


Activity Of Bitcoin Subreddit Readers Increases For First Time In While

The Reddit user under the nickname BashCo, who moderates the popular section about cryptocurrency r/Bitcoin, reported that attendance of this subreddit began to increase for the first time in a while.

BashCo noted in his Twitter account that the number of its readers has been falling rapidly with each month since December last year, but now this trend stopped and network users started to visit the resource more actively.

r/Bitcoin is considered the most popular Reddit’s subsection, devoted to discussion of the cryptocurrency topics (mainly about bitcoin). This subreddit was created in 2010 when the crypto industry was not a newsmaker. As of August 31, the number of r/Bitcoin subscribers is more than 915,000.

Reddit is a resource that offers its users to add news and put them to public discussion. Site visitors can publish links to other information sources, as well as vote for the record they like, thereby raising its rating.…